Community Partner Spotlight: Pierce Atwood’s Road to Success is Service Driven and Community Focused

The road to Pierce Atwood’s growth and success began in 1891, with two like-minded lawyers who were active in Maine’s government, its judicial system, and the community, and who cared deeply about serving clients and exceeding their expectations.  As the firm grew in Maine and beyond, Pierce Atwood’s leaders have consciously and deliberately ensured that the firm stayed true to those values.

The Peirce Atwood firm back in 1959.
The Pierce Atwood firm back in 1959.

Those values include seeking out highly-skilled attorneys who meet our strict standards for quality, who reflect our inclusive culture, and have a track record of success in key areas of expertise that are important to our clients.  In 2014 alone, we added nine new attorneys in essential practice areas, such as real estate and land use, M&A, state and local tax, trademark, copyright, environment, energy, and litigation.

The road to success also carries with it an obligation to share our skills and expertise with both the community and those who need, but cannot access, legal services. In 2014, firm attorneys provided nearly 3,600 hours of pro bono services to a wide variety of clients, many in the greater Portland area. Our efforts include CASA of Maine, which provides volunteer advocates for abused, neglected, or abandoned children; ILAP of Maine, where we help represent asylum seekers who are escaping from many of the world’s most violent and repressive countries; and the Maine Homeless Law Clinic, where firm attorneys volunteer each week to help the homeless with a myriad of legal needs.  For more information about Pierce Atwood’s commitment to the community, please visit the pro bono pages of the firm’s website.

Pierce Atwood employees receiving a 2014 Firm Impact Award in recognition of their efforts to encourage community service.
Pierce Atwood employees receiving a 2014 Firm Impact Award in recognition of their efforts to encourage community service.

Recognizing that prosperity often goes hand-in-hand with higher education, we are pleased that firm partner Jim Erwin, who sits on the University of Maine System  Board of Trustees, is chairing the search for the next USM president.  Since a healthy, engaged university is key to the future of our region, Jim is working carefully and deliberately to help strengthen the future of the University of Maine system. We also support the Foundation for Maine’s Community Colleges.

Beyond higher education, helping to grow the area economy also means supporting emerging businesses like New England Ocean Cluster House, a firm client that recently launched a Portland-based location for entrepreneurs to come together, collaborate, and grow their businesses, which are all focused on the commercialization of new ocean-related products. We also offer local start-ups legal assistance through our catalyst program, helping them get their ideas off the ground so they can create a healthy, prosperous business here in Maine.

Pierce Atwood continues to follow the road paved by our founders. By staying the course, we have brought 21st century expertise, technology, and service to Portland and beyond while staying true to the firm’s culture and values established more than 120 years ago.

Peirce Atwood firm photo.
Pierce Atwood firm photo.

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